the alliance

Building an alliance between archery coaches and athletes through athletics and academics.


Easton Foundations high level archery development program for high school aged archers. Archers must apply to the program and may only become Alliance members after acceptance to the program.

Please contact Ed Lucero for more information:


The Alliance is a program designed to bridge the gap between high potential and elite level performance through an alliance of coaches and athletes.

The program’s three pillars are Archery, Academics and Athletics.  We work with team members to balance the challenges of being a high level student athlete.

Our expectation is to see athletes giving back to the community through archery and receiving scholarships in academics and sports as they are accepted in to the nation’s finest universities, accepted to the USAA Resident Athlete program, and ultimately becoming tomorrow’s gold medalists.


The Alliance is a yearlong program spanning the winter and summer archery seasons.


$200 per month