Easton Collegiate Indoor

Jan 13 - 14, 2018



Saturday, January 13, 2018
60-arrow Qualification
Mixed Team Rounds
Social Dinner

Sunday, January 14, 2018
Round Robin Olympic Rounds

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Registration Fee: $50
Late Registration: $65 (Dec 29th)
Saturday Social Dinner: $15
Saturday Lunch - Jersey Mike's Lunch Box: $12
Registration opening soon!



Qualification: Top 3/Division
Mixed Team: Top 3 Teams/Division
Round Robin ORs: Top 3/Flight 1
Each Flight Winner: Consolation Prize

Top 3 Schools:
Easton Collegiate Indoor Trophy


Welcome collegiate athletes!

We at Easton Foundations are very excited to cohost with Sun God Archery at UCSD (SGA) our first collegiate indoor! After discussing the needs of the collegiate community with SGA, we decided we wanted to provide a tournament focused on giving new archers a taste of what college archery is all about while making sure the tournament is fun, beginner friendly, and conducive to building lifelong friendships! As a result, the tournament organizers and staff will focus heavily on including good competition practices, general reminders on how to score, and guidance through different problems athletes may encounter throughout a competition!

60-arrow Qualification
Mixed Teams
Round Robin Olympic Rounds

We decided on this format rather than the traditional 4-scoring round, 120-arrow format because we feel this better meets the needs of the collegiate programs and can better serve that community. Team rounds have always been one of the most fun and exciting components of being on a team but the first tournament that has those is Western Regionals. Having it available at their first event really gives beginning archers a chance to feel like they’re a part of a team and encourage them to continue pursuing the sport. We added round robin eliminations because we want everyone to get more experience doing head-to-head matches, and to provide a format that better facilitates different athletes around the same competitive level to get to know each other and encourage each other to improve and compete at the next tournament.

(For more information on how each format works, please read below).

Saturday, January 13, 2018
7:30am Doors Open
8:00am Equipment Inspection
9:00am Official Practice and 60-arrow Scoring
12:30pm Lunch
2:30pm Mixed Team Rounds
5:00pm Social (Field #1)

Sunday, January 14, 2018
7:00am Doors Open
8:00am Official Practice and Round Robin ORs Matches
2:00pm Awards

Registration Information:
Earlybird Fee: $50
Registration: $65
Saturday Lunch: $12 Jersey Mike’s Lunch Box (Details below)
Social: $15 (includes dinner and games!)
Registration Opens: November 17, 2017
Late Registration: December 29, 2017
Registration Closes: January 5, 2018

Jersey Mike’s Lunch Box ($12):
Roast Beef
Each box comes with a bag of chips and a cookie.
Payment will be done through Roadrunner archery and can be paid onsite with cash or check.

Format Information:
60-Arrow Qualification
Most indoor tournaments will rank everyone through two 60-Arrow qualification rounds (120 arrows total). These 60-arrow rounds are broken down into two 30-arrow scoring rounds which consist of shooting 3-arrow ends, for 10 ends. Each end is timed at 2 minutes (40s/arrow) and there will be an ABCD line. After the AB and CD line shoot, archers will go up and score their arrows with everyone on their bale.

Mixed Team Rounds
A mixed team consists of the top male and top female archer from a school in a specific bow division. During mixed teams, only one archer per team can shoot at a given time, while their teammate waits behind a 1-meter line. Archers cannot cross the 1-meter line until their teammate has crossed back over it first, and no longer has a foot on the shooting line side of the 1-meter line. Archers have 80 seconds to shoot 2 arrows each and those arrows can be shot in any order as long as each archer shoots 2 (e.g. 1-arrow rotations). Recurve and barebow archers will use the set system scoring while compound and bowhunter will use cumulative scoring (see Set System vs Cumulative Scoring). Mixed teams go to five set points and a tie at 4 – 4 goes into a 1-arrow shoot off! Compound and bowhunter will shoot 5 ends and if they have a tied score at that time they go into a 1-arrow shoot off.

Round Robin Olympic Rounds
Olympic Rounds are typically individual elimination where losing a match results in that person being knocked out of the competition. During Olympic Rounds, archers will shoot 3 arrows in a head-to-head match against someone else during a 2-minute period. Like Mixed Team Rounds, Olympic Recurve and Barebow will use the set system while Compound and Bowhunter use Cumulative scoring. For individual eliminations, matches go to 6 set points with a tie at 5 – 5 sending the match into a shoot off.

Set System vs Cumulative Scoring
Set system scoring is how recurve bow styles score individual head-to-head matches, and team matches. During these matches, each archer will shoot their arrows (3-arrows during individual matches; 2-arrows per archer in each team) and the side with the higher score wins 2 set points while the side with the lower score gets zero. In a situation where both sides tie in score, then each side gets 1 set point. During these rounds, matches go until either one side hits the required set points (6 for individual, 5 for team) or a shoot-off is forced.
Cumulative scoring is that, shooting the required arrows for each end and then scoring the total points. The team after 5 ends that has more points wins the match. If the teams are tied, then they will go into a 1-arrow shoot off.

1-Arrow Shoot Off
During a 1-arrow shoot off, each person will shoot 1 arrow. For individual matches, that means the arrow closest to the center wins the match. During team matches, the higher cumulative score of that end wins, but if they are tied then it goes to the arrow closest to the center. If it can not be determined which of those arrows are closest to the center, then it goes to the 2nd closest, and so on.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at jtong.esdf@gmail.com and events.eace@esdf.org!