lucky draw

Jan 27



Saturday, January 27th, 2018

7:00am: Doors Open
8:30am: Official Practice – 2 ends
8:45am: 1st end of scoring
10:45am: 2nd Round Begins
12:45pm: Lunch
1:45pm: 2 ends of practice
2:00pm: 3rd round begins
4:30pm: Shoot Offs for all Open divisions
5:00pm: Awards

**Schedule Subject to Change**


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Registration Fees:

Open Division: $45
Youth Divisions: $25

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Open Division Prizes:
Medals and Cash Prizes

Youth Division Prizes:

*More prizes coming soon*

event details and format

Can you handle the pressure to become the Lucky Draw Champion? The Lucky Draw will feature three 30 arrow ranking rounds, followed by a High Roller shoot off for the top six male and female combined open Compound, Recurve, and Barebow archers. Prizes will be awarded for ranking round and shoot off as well as the Lucky Draw, where one archer each 30 arrow ranking round will be randomly chosen to win $50.

Whether you are looking to get a last chance to prepare for the Vegas Shoot, or you want to get some extra indoor experience in, the Lucky Draw has something for you.


High Roller Shoot off for Open Division: A cash prize scaled to registration will be given to the champion of the High Roller Shoot off in each open category with ten or more combined male and female archers.

The top six male and female combined in each category will shoot off for the grand prize. Please see rules below for how to qualify.

Medals will be given for the ranking round in each category and division for male and female archers.

Junior & Youth divisions will receive medals for ranking round only.

During each 30 arrow round, 1 archer will be randomly chosen to win our Lucky Draw prize of $50!

Rules and Format


Open Divisions: Ranking round plus High Roller Shoot off

Open – Age 13 and older

Junior Divisions: Ranking round only
Juniors – Ages 13 to 17
Youth – Ages 9 to 12

Distance and Target:

All categories and divisions will shoot at 20 yards.

Open categories will shoot on a 40cm NFAA Vegas target face, either a three spot or single spot. All divisions will score outer ten scoring using the x-ring for tie breakers. All tie breakers and will work as follows: ties will be decided by the highest score in the following sequence 1) total x’s 2) 1st round score 3) 2nd round score 4) Third Round 5) 1st end though 20th end score.

Junior and Youth category will shoot either a 60cm face (Recurve, barebow) or a 40cm single or three spot target (Compound).


Ranking (Junior, Youth, & Open Divisions):
Three 30 arrow rounds. 3 arrows per end. Targets will be switched from top to bottom at end 5 of each round. Bottom targets will shoot first each end.

High Roller Shoot Off (Open Divisions Only):
Each category with 10 or more combined male and female archers (Compound, Recurve, and Barebow) will have a Last Man Standing Shoot Off after the ranking round has been complete. The shoot off will take the archers with the top six scores in each category and put them together to compete for the grand prize.  Please note this means the top scores of both men and women will be combined and taken for the shoot off. If there is a tie for 6th place the tie breaker sequence will go as follows: 1) total x’s 2) 1st round score 3) 2nd round score 4) Third Round 5) 1st end though 20th end score. Recurves will score outer 10, compounds will score inner 10 (x ring) for the shoot off.

All six archers will shoot on the same line and after each end the archer with the lowest score will be eliminated. For ends 1-4: In the event of a tie in score the archer with an arrow furthest from the middle (on any target if using three spot) will be eliminated. When there are only two archers left, in end 5, the winner will be declared by shooting the highest score (for recurve X’s will be used to break ties). If there is a tie in score then shooting will continue until one archer shoots a higher score than the other.

Equipment failures:

In the event of an equipment failure during the ranking round archers will receive 15 minutes to repair equipment. Archers must alert judges of an equipment failure, and upon fixing their equipment will have one practice end before making up all missed arrows in their 15 minute window. All make up arrows will be shot at the end of the round. Please note there are no equipment failures in the High Roller shoot Offs.

Shooting and Scoring Rules:

In order to help attending archers prepare for the Vegas Shoot, we have kept the shooting rules as close to official Vegas Rules as possible.

Shooting Rules:

  1. Each end (time period to shoot three arrows) shall be 2 minutes.
  2. Archers shooting first will shoot the lower target face positions.
  3. An archer shooting before or after the whistle signaling a 2-minute end will lose their highest scoring arrow or arrows equaling the number of errant arrows shot.
  4. One arrow is allowed per spot on a three-spot target face. If there is more than one arrow in a single spot, you will lose your highest scoring arrow or arrows in that spot.
  5. If more than 3 arrows are shot during an end, only the lowest 3 arrows will be scored.  A penalty of one point will be assessed for each additional arrow shot. Misses or zeros will be counted as lowest arrows.
  6. If an archer shoots less than three arrows in one end, he/she may shoot the remaining arrows if the omission is discovered before the end is officially completed; otherwise they shall be scored as misses.
  7. An archer who purposely disfigures a target face to improve aiming or for any other reason, may be disqualified.  Arrow holes may be repaired, provided there is no delay to the round.
  8. Any archer conducting himself in an unsportsmanlike manner will be IMMEDIATELY disqualified.
  9. All archers are required to meet current dress code standards set by NFAA.
  10. Peak compound bow draw weight shall not exceed 80 lbs, with a maximum speed of 300 FPS with a 3% variance.
  11. Maximum arrow shaft diameter allowed will be 0.422 inches, with a point diameter not to exceed 0.425 inches. The shaft diameter will in­clude any wrap placed on the arrow and will include the size of the nock and the nock insert.
  12. Any equipment that impairs the hearing of the competitor will not be allowed on the shooting line.
  13. Any archer that is hearing impaired should notify officials prior to shooting.

Scoring Rules:

  1. A referee will make all decisions on scoring questionable arrows; their decisions are final.
  2. All arrows must remain in the target, untouched, until scoring is completed.
  3. Any archer deliberately touching any questionable arrow or any part of the target assembly (including other arrows, faces, pins, mat or stand) will result in the questionable arrow being scored in the lower scoring area.
  4. The three-spot target face is scored on the gold (10,9), red (8,7), and blue (6) rings. The target face must be placed on the mat in an upright position.
  5. Arrows must touch the line to be in the next highest scoring area.
  6. Any arrow that passes beyond the shooting line a distance greater than 10 feet as measured to the closest part of the arrow, will be considered a shot arrow. See mark on the floor.
  7. If an arrow is embedded in the target beyond the nock and a referee cannot determine the value of that arrow, it will be considered a pass through, and will be re-shot. NO ARROWS WILL BE PUSHED BACK.
  8. Each competitor must complete and sign his own scorecard. Both scorers must also sign it. When there is a difference on the two cards, the lowest score must be taken. ANY ARCHER TURNING IN AN INCORRECT SCORE CARD WILL BE SUBJECT TO DISQUALIFICATION.


*Schedule subject to change as tournament progresses

7:00am:         Doors Open
8:30am:         Official Practice – 2 ends
8:45am:         1st end of scoring
10:45am:       2nd Round Begins
12:45pm:       Lunch
1:45pm:         2 ends of practice
2:00pm:         3rd round begins
4:30pm:         Shoot Offs for all Open divisions
5:00pm:         Awards



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This event is not affiliated with the NFAA or the Vegas Shoot. It is an independent event designed to help archers prepare for competitions for the indoor season.