judge training

Become an archery judge and experience our sport from a new perspective while also serving archers.


All are invited to explore the world of archery judging! Prior experience in the sport is encouraged but not required. We are happy to work with you to give you the knowledge and experience needed to serve as a judge.


Our team here is passionate about creating a great experience for our archers. Great judges are a key component of that experience. From making the competition run smoothly, to handling difficult calls, and most importantly creating a positive environment, judges have a big impact. Our goal is to develop a pool of local judges who work well as a team and share in this pursuit of creating great experiences for archers.

There are five certification levels for judges and each level opens up new doors and opportunities. You can start by judging at local events and school OAS competitions. From there you may find yourself at a national ranking event, Olympic trials, World Cups, and even the Olympics!

To get started, let us know that you are interested in judging by emailing our Development Programs Coordinator, Ed Lucero: elucero@esdf.org

We begin by getting you connected with our local family of judges to learn from. We then find opportunities for you to learn and practice judging such as scoring rounds during JOAD practice and local OAS school competitions. As you gain experience and confidence, then you can become certified and begin judging at the next level of competitions.


Contact us anytime to start your journey into judging. Opportunities are available throughout the year with the main competition season spanning from January to October.


Judge training costs vary with course and certification. Basic certification starts at $30. Note that USAA membership, background check, and free SafeSport training is also required. Judges may also receive stipends for working at tournaments.