“In fulfilling the vision and mission of the Easton Foundations and of the Easton Family, our purpose as a center is to provide a world-class training environment to foster a spirit of Excellence and bring innovative ideas to life that will make positive and redefining changes to the archery scene. Through these efforts we hope to see a new framework that fosters and supports the needs of lifelong archers, from the recreational level to internationally competitive. We are thankful for this opportunity to serve and give back to this sport that we love.”

We are a high performance training facility for archery. We have the nation’s best archers training here and we provide them with the best training environment to set them up for success on the International and Olympic stages.
We are an experienced event team that has put on a wide range of events from World Cup style competition to community level tournaments. We are capable of hosting large numbers of athletes and spectators, enabling us to host the best events you have ever seen.
We are passionate about seeing our local archers, coaches, and judges grow. We create learning opportunities for each group so our local archery community is well experienced and self-sustaining.
We are the City of Chula Vista's hub for everything archery. From Get Started in Archery Lessons, to the Challenger League, to Roadrunner Archery Club, we are here to cater to the interests of archers at each stage of their careers.



Indoor Range
The indoor range has the capacity for 18m to 70m shooting, with a beautifully crafted roof designed to follow the arc of the arrow.
Outdoor Range
As the main field for most of our events, the outdoor range can easily accommodate 32 targets at a time at any distance.
Loophole Range
Equipped with large swinging windows, the loophole range allows for shooting from an environmentally controlled area out onto the outdoor range.
Arrow Workshop
The arrow shop is equipped with a string jig, arrow cutter, assortment of tools, 3D capture system from AvaSci, overhead video feed system, and a Last Chance Archery bow press.
Learning Center
Our large learning center is equipped to handle multimedia meetings, training sessions, seminars, and presentations.
Conference Rooms
There are 2 conference rooms available, each with multimedia capabilities: 1 upstairs and 1 downstairs.
The workout gym has a full rack of dumbbells, 3 benches, 3 stationary bikes, squat rack, medicine balls, exercise balls, punching bag, washer & dryer, refrigerator, and sink.
Athlete Lounge
This relaxing area with multimedia capabilities and board games also has a men's and women's locker room with a bathroom and shower in each.
Viewing Balcony
The viewing balcony provides a convenient and relaxing way for spectators to enjoy the views at our large events.


keaton chia

Center director

ed lucero

Development Programs Coordinator

Nick Kale

events coordinator

Jason Tong

Operations Coordinator

Easton Foundations

The Easton Archery Center of Excellence was funded by the Easton Foundations, which exists to further the sport of archery by bridging the gap between first experience and elite experience.

A project that took over 10 years, the Center of Excellence is a reflection of Jim Easton’s commitment to and passion for the sport of archery. We are so grateful for the Easton family for their generosity.

Easton foundations Board of directors

jim easton


greg easton


Don rabska

vice president

caren sawyer

vp & treasurer

daren cottle


randy walk


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